Apple in Her Eye is a blog written by a young educator writing to provide a perspective on what it’s like to be in this field with so many things happening with education in our country right now. Education, in my eyes, is at a pivotal point right now, and teachers, like myself, are lucky enough to be at the forefront, providing a change everyday within their own classrooms.

  • I received my undergraduate degree in June of 2015 with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Nutritional Sciences.
  • I was lucky enough to gain the start to my teaching experience through the Teach For America organization where I taught in the DFW region of Texas. I moved to Texas and received my teaching certification during my first year of teaching.
  • Last year was spent teaching self-contained first grade for a public charter network in the state of Texas to twenty-five students. Five of my students were English Language Learners while the rest were students who knew English as their first, and primary language.
  • I taught my students phonics, EAL, math, science/humanities, and guided reading while they went and learned technology, music, PE/health, and art from our elective teachers.

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  • This year I am lucky enough to be taking a year off from being in the classroom to further my own education. I will be receiving a Masters degree in Education this spring before returning to a full-time teaching position for the 2017-2018 school year.

This blog will be exploring different topics relating to the classroom such as technology, classroom organization, working with English language learners or ELL’s, and much more.

To anyone who is reading, if you gain questions or have comments for me please reach out, as your opinions matter to me. That being said, I am looking forward to collaborating with new individuals who find their own passion residing within the realm of education just as I do.




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