What even is a “blog”?

When I thought of blogging in the past I always asked myself the same few questions…

  • Who are these “bloggers” that seem to have ample amounts of free time on their hands that allows them to write pages and pages about their lives, experiences and opinions?

How-to-Make-Money-at-Home-Blogging-3.jpg images.jpeg





  • How do these people find inspiration in such average and every day phenomenas and make them funny, engaging, and interesting to hundreds, thousands even, who have no personal connection to them?



Now, after exploring the world that is “digital literacy” I see so much more than just jumbled words on a page that must be written in “free time”.

Blogging, to me,  seems to be a world in which people who span the globe, communicate, relate to one another, and seek to share their personal experiences in an effort to help someone else who may be experiencing the same struggles or to be the one seeking out that information.

As I begin to embark on my own blogging adventures I seek to be honest, authentic, creative and open-minded to those who choose to read about my experiences and have differing opinions.

The world of education is always changing whether that is in the form of technology use in the classroom, advances in teaching practices, or how we must try to keep up with a faster pace of material being learned to keep our students competitive enough as they are preparing to enter the workforce or to further their own education outside of K-12.

So, that being said, cheers to stepping outside of my comfort zone, to trying something new, opening up to a world that contains people that I may have no personal connections to and sharing my experiences within the education world – both as a teacher and that of a student while I finish the pursuit of my MEd.


3 thoughts on “What even is a “blog”?

  1. jaycanaday says:

    Your blog looks great! I’d love to see more about you in the about section too, so I have more context for your blog, but what you have so far is fantastic 🙂

    I’m curious if you currently use much social media as a teacher and a student? Do you get news through it, communicate with it, or do you not use it much?


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