What a Time to be Alive

As I sit in a coffee shop, scrolling through my phone on social media threads such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat I am amazed at what is happening in our country.

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This week has been transformational time for our country with the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Digital literacy has played a large roll in how people within our country, as well as around the world, are able to view this transition. For example, I can sit, alone in a coffee shop, doing school work and see how thousands of Americans are celebrating, resisting, or in some cases fearing this change. I know not one of these people, yet I am brought into a very personal aspect of their life, even seeing some of these people so much as cry while they report to Snapchat the concerns that they have for where our country may be headed.

Digital literacy has taken away the thousands of miles between citizens and let them find ways to collaborate with others who either share the same viewpoints as them or to learn from those who do not. Regardless of who anyone voted for it is amazing to see that something as simple as the internet allowing thousands of people, who do not know one another, to plan ways to come together and stand up for what they believe in.

That being said,  I am saddened to see that there are some people that take this notion to a whole new level when they do not use judgement prior to pushing the send button. We live in a country where we have the freedom to say how we feel and stand up for what we believe in, we do not however live in a country where it should be okay to hide behind computer screens and post things that are meant to intentionally harm other people.

To me, this election has been the most intense in terms of use of social media to portray the politicians views on social and political policies. I myself have found it as a way to reflect on how I use digital literacy to voice my viewpoints and opinions. This notion of judgement plays a large factor in that, and as an effort to not be part of this problem I am pushed to work even harder to ensure that what I post is truthful, honest, and conveys my opinions in a way that stretch others thinking without attacking those who do not agree with me.


I myself do not feel as though I have ever made a post that has been of intention to harm the feelings of others. I do however, feel as though I have seen articles posted about our new President that argue my point as to how I feel about him and immediately retweeted, favorited, or quoted them without first checking to see if the article came from a trustworthy source. It is so easy to find things in today’s day and age that agree with our thoughts or that make our viewpoints seem correct. It is much harder to find those things that still support our opinions and are 100% truthful, but in an effort to stop what is happening on social media recently I will strive to take that extra time and make sure what I post is truthful, tasteful and honest while still conveying a personal opinion.


#WeeklyPlay #BEDUC476 #FactCheckFirst

Being able to fact check and make sure that what you are reading and seeing is honest and true can be difficult and it left me needing to find ways to teach me how to do this. I was led to factcheck.org and found an article that shows ways in which you can ensure that things you see online are honest, and if not, show you ways to spot if the things you are reading are bogus.



5 thoughts on “What a Time to be Alive

  1. austinvj3 says:

    I believe what you said is totally true. It is crazy that people in today’s society think its okay to post rude comments or opinions on social media. As they are given the right to freedom of speech, they aren’t given the right to trash other people. As i look at social media today there is news showing up everywhere and i dont know, which one is right, which one is wrong. As a fact some people just listen to whatever they read and go with it and that’s not right. Today’s society doesn’t understand that you have to do fact checking to make sure what you read is correct. But it doesn’t help when the media gets involved also. I hope we can change what news is like over social media in the future.

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  2. bcheema says:

    Social media does have its pros and cons as we all have seen and possibly experienced. If you have access to these sites you are able to present your thoughts freely and allow the public to see that as well. There are bound to be arguments but it is disheartening to see some of the things that get posted. Since anyone can hide behind a false ID and screen it makes it difficult to stop the problem or confront it. I also have that habit of maybe tweeting or retweeting something before I actually give a critical look at it myself. I think it shows how our feelings and emotions can pour out on social media without actually giving a thought to what we are doing. Finding a balance and learning digital literacy is step towards become a better user and person on the web. Your thoughts are well expressed!


  3. gardenia07 says:

    It was interesting to read your perspective on social media. Your right that with social media we can hear the thoughts of billions of people, without even knowing them. Social media allows anyone to express their thoughts, which can be good or bad.


  4. Dominic says:

    You are right on point! I wish the the Internet automatically filtered everything through a fact-check system before it gets published! The Internet really brought out the worst and best of people this election. It opened my eyes to people who were very hurtful on the inside, but I also met some amazing people over the Internet. Being able to discuss and collaborate with people you have never actually met is an amazing thing!


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