Social Media for a Change


This weeks online reading to the Harry Potter Alliance website was intriguing for me. I have always heard of online sites for people to network with others who have similar interests or passions but I have never seen a site where people with a passion for something, like a book series or movie series, congregate to create civic action and social change.

The Harry Potter Alliance site, (click the blue line to be sent to the site) is doing just that. The site is not only for Harry Potter fans but it said to be mostly Harry Potter fans gets people connected through the internet for a common good.

Events are labeled after Harry Potter characters or “wizarding” terms to create a fun and playful feel to the action items but they are creating real change. For example the Granger Leadership Academy is a weekend of fun training to learn how to become a better leader and is based of of traits from Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series who is seen as a female hero.

This concept makes me think about why this is not more prevalent, or if it is where we can we network to find other organizations like these who have a found a playful way to encourage others to make a difference in the world around them.

To my classmates, I wonder have you ever seen sites like this for other activist groups?


3 thoughts on “Social Media for a Change

  1. melissayeahgmailcom says:

    As a disclaimer, as a diehard Harry Potter fan, I have to say that seeing the formation of this alliance pleases me more than anything. This creative social network, based off of this fictional series, has branched into an intricate society of people congregating for similar interests and pursuits. I know that a prominent online platform called “Meetup” serves similar purposes where people who are interested in hiking, science, faith, or academic groups are able to find people in the local area to get things started. Some of the meetups are recreational, but there are many groups that are formed based on the motivation of social justice and they are using these platforms to find others who are like minded. also provides opportunities for people who are able to offer and cultivate their skills based on their interests in things that better society.

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  2. melissayeahgmailcom says:

    What are some ways to motivate and direct attention towards these platforms? How can schools, businesses leverage these networks to get their students/employees engaged in these networks? Do you think these things are possible for our future?


  3. appleinhereye says:

    I think something that would be neat for schools to do is to find groups that relate to the standards and goals of the schools. That way each school can find a platform to publicize and direct attention to for their students as well as families.


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