Weekly Play

This week my “play” is adding humor to the idea that so many people will believe anything that read online instead of thinking to fact check their sources. I found making a comic strip to be really fun and thought that this can be made easier or harder by asking for more from your students if you were to use this as an assignment in the classroom.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 10.31.58 AM.png


4 thoughts on “Weekly Play

    • appleinhereye says:

      I think that when people believe everything that they read online it leads to things like stereotyping of groups or individuals. It also leads to uneducated responses to news or other things read online because something may be on the internet that is false but directly questioning the character or someone or an organization. When things like happen the people who the news is about can be targeted for things like hate mail because people are angry with them over something that may very well be false. I think a prime example of this happened during the country’s most recent election. Both candidates said things that alternative news sites took a certain way and were able to write news stories about both politicians that made them look “less than”. People very well may have voted for someone who wasn’t what they thought they would be based on gaining their knowledge from news sources that were not fact checked. All of these things are scenarios that I worry about knowing that so many people have access to the internet that is home to so many pieces of false information.


    • appleinhereye says:

      I made it online through a comic strip creator. Unfortunately my only option was to print the comic strip out as a whole and if I didn’t print it then I could only see one portion of the strip at a time. In order to fix my own problem I learned how to screen shot on my Mac Book and I screen shot each individual section, pasted them into a word document and recreated what the strip would look like had I printed it out.


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