Digital Literacy

After this weeks readings from A New Culture of Learning by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown I began to have my eyes opened. They talked about the experiences of multiple people through their own uses of technology and digital literacy. One example was how a family bonded over playing video games together and both had different experiences playing, and played with different strategies but played together none the less and spent hours doing so.

Another person’s experience came from being diagnosed with diabetes. He was given information that led him to online sources that contained groups of people who suffered from the same illness. They could talk together about their experiences and work through things as a group. It became a way for him to learn about his diagnoses and learn from others who felt the same way that he did.

I guess I always viewed things like Facebook and Instagram as a way to network with friends and family and stay caught up in everyone’s lives but I never really thought about using platforms like these to reach out to people I do not personally know but whom I am have things in common with.

This brought up an interesting point for me because I am a students in a masters program, like all of my classmates, and I aspire to write children’s books one day. Both of these are things I could use to get online and find groups of other people who are where I am at in life and could probably give me a great perspective and insight so why is it that I am not venturing out to find that? Part of it is that I never thought about it until this reading but now I want to find a site that brings together aspiring writers to share their experiences.

In an effort to do this I started researching places I could do this and everywhere led me to the same website, This website brings together illustrators and writers of children’s book and allows them to network together.



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