Quality Failure

Go figure, I reached another quality failure. At this point, I am actually thankful for my failures as it has brought me a new perspective. This week we were asked to created a piece of mediated writing that included pictures, videos as well as embedded links.

I was introduced to the Microsoft site, Sway, in order to complete this assignment and I was soon after greater by frustration. Being that I like the learning curve of having to explore and try things out to learn how they work I was able to mess around with the site as well as watch a tutorial video and was soon on my way.

At first though, once I have completed the writing aspect, I turned to the uploading of links and pictures and was put at a standstill. I would drag a picture to a box where it needed to go and it would magically create a whole new box and appear there instead of where I wanted it to go. This happened multiple times and it was a large process of trying new things to make it finally work.

As a teacher, I was actually able to have a positive outlook on this experience and I realized that when I was frustrated and confused I was being given the opportunity to see how my students feel when they are learning something new. It made me realize that we are all unfinished, whether we are the teacher or the student and with that comes a perpetual cycle of learning.


4 thoughts on “Quality Failure

    • appleinhereye says:

      Yes, if you read my post you will see I talked about being able to try multiple times as well as find a tutorial that helped me figure out how to piece it all together. I wanted to let myself try a few times and explore on my own prior to watching the video because it allowed me to better understand how the site worked.


  1. madaboutedtechblog says:

    “It made me realize that we are all unfinished, whether we are the teacher or the student and with that comes a perpetual cycle of learning.” I really like what you said here. I’ve always liked the phrase “you learn something new every day”, but I don’t think many people actually go out of their way to do that. I agree that we are all never finished. There is always more to learn and grow from, and the more you learn, the more you see that you still have room to grow. Keep learning and growing and breaking though those hardships, and pass those triumphs onto your students, that is how we as teachers will influence the future.

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