Weekly Play

For this week’s weepy play I decided to try something that I had yet to do for this class, I made a snapchat story. A snapchat story was different for me because up until this week all of my “plays” were stagnant. None of them moved and all contained still photos.

I thought that creating a snapchat story would be fun because it adds something more for the viewer, similar to our mediated writing piece from this week. When we create a moving visual aspect to a form of writing or work it makes it more real life and relatable.

Being that Groundhog’s Day has just came and gone I thought that creating my snapchat story around how many more weeks of winter we have would be funny and relatable for all of our class. Our groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, is said to have the ability to let us know how may more weeks of winter we will have based on whether or not he sees his shadow when he comes out of his burrow.

Being that it is almost March and we all woke up to some sort of snow on the ground today I was slightly bummed, after a semi-nice weekend with no rain and what I hoped was signs of Spring on the way.

Unfortunately, because I do not pay for an upgraded plan on my WordPress site I am unable to upload videos. When I tried to upgrade to the cheapest option it would charge me for an entire year costing nearly $40. Clearly, that was not happening so to make due I took a screen shot of my video thumbnail so you can see that the picture was part of a video from my Snapchat account. You are able to see the snow, the words I added as well as the “play” button.






2 thoughts on “Weekly Play

  1. jaycanaday says:

    I’m glad you chose a different format for your play this week, and I’m glad that the mediated writing assignment inspired you to! Are you able to host or upload your video to a site and then link us to it so we can see your creation?


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