Digital Life Skills Everyone Should Learn

After this weeks reading, 8 Digital Life Skills all Children Need – and a plan for teaching them, I started to think. So many kids these days know how to use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so much more. What they don’t know a lot of the times is that there are so many potential dangers that lurk in them.

This article was shocking to me when I learned, that the most important thing in my eyes when it comes to digital literacy, digital citizenship, is the one of the most unspoken things . After taking this course and learning how to avoid some of these dangers I have realized how much I didn’t know so I can only imagine scary it can be if students aren’t aware of the dangers. I had no idea what a filter bubble was or how certain platforms hide things from our view when they know we may not agree with them.

Students, and everyone else, using these platforms have a right to know these things and should be taught how to navigate through these sites safely and effectively. As I am working to graduate from this program this upcoming June I want to make intentional efforts to teach my future students these things next year.

I have learned how to include digital literacy into a classroom in a way that only adds to the learning of the students and I want my students to receive those benefits. Teaching students how to use online sources to learn from and how to fact check that the sources are reliable was my key focus for my question this quarter and I want to take that into my classroom first and for most.

As for my classmates during this quarter is there anything that you took to heart this quarter and want to bring into your future classrooms? Or maybe you’re not in this program to be a teacher, if thats you what are some things that you want to take into your future workplace that you learned in this course?


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